ShareASale Block Party & Trusted By Google Seal

by Kush A.

If you are attending Affiliate Summit East, be sure to visit VMInnovation’s booth at the ShareASale Block Party, & join the SAS crew at the 70’s Disco Party. Checkout Brian’ Littleton’s 10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the event here.

New Banners, Product Updates & Early August Promotions

We now carry affordable ($20+) & high end ($500+) Halloween costumes. Checkout the Supreme Adult Storm trooper costume that will earn you a sweet $55 commission check per sale!  Our price is less than $700, while competitors are selling it for $999.99.

20% OFF Star Wars Supreme Edition Adult Stormtrooper Costume + Free Shipping

Several new banners in various sizes and shapes were recently added on ShareASale. Please let me know if we’re missing any or you need anything in particular, and I’ll be happy to oblige.For additional deals on thousands of other products & specials please check-out our coupon/deal database.

Trusted By Google = Higher Conversion

I’ve got some exciting news to share, as of 07/23/2012, is a trusted online store by Google.  Based on over 10,000 recent transactions, Google rated “A” for reliability in shipping, and “A” for excellence in customer service.

Google Trusted Stores badge helps shoppers identify reputable stores and aids conversion.  It is only awarded to stores with a “proven track record of reliable, on-time shipping and excellent customer service”  –  Here is an overview of the program:

Each referred customer is now eligible to receive a free $1,000 purchase protection offered by Google. According to case studies Google Trusted Stores seal improves conversions by up to 9%.

July (Fun) Facts

  • Average order value: $90
  • Largest order value: $3,125.95 (smallest: $3.95)
  • Overall site conversion is 3.15%
  • Reversal rate less than 2%, EPC around $20
  • Top 30 ShareASale ranking

That’s all for updates, as always please don’t hesitate to reach me anytime. Have a superb rest of your week, and I hope to see some of you at ASE12!

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